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Jan 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
for president. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. many experts believe romney's momentum will be all but impossible to stop. >> with 94% of the precincts now reporting, mitt romney has 39% of the vote. ron paul has 23%. jon huntsman comes in third with 17%. newt gingrich and santorum are battling it out for fourth with 9% each. abc7's john alston is here with what is clearly a crucial night. >> romney has established himself as the front runner into the first southern primaries. he is the first republican since president ford in 1976 to have back to back victories in iowa and new hampshire. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> immediately after declaring victory, mitt romney took on the challenger he hopes to face in november, president obama. >> he promised to improve our nation. those were the days of lofty promises made by a hopeful candidate. today we are faced with the disuh .ing -- the disappointing record of a failed appointment. >> he gave the second place finish to ron paul who approved his standing from last week's iowa caucuses. >> i called governor romney a short w
Jan 4, 2012 1:00pm PST
the country and the world. stand by to learn more about edith and carolyn, who solved the case of the missing votes. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> so long, iowa, hello, new hampshire. the republican presidential candidates are zeroing in on the next battlefield and a big primary coming up on tuesday. the front-runner, mitt romney, is following up his squeaker win in iowa with a new endorsement from senator john mccain who beat him in the new hampshire primary four years ago. several of romney's opponents also are in new hampshire right now. but rick perry says he's heading south. he sent out a tweet today saying here we come, south carolina. and a photo from his morning run confirming he's staying in the race despite his poor showing in iowa. michele bachmann made a very different decision, ending her presidential bid today after a crushing defeat in the state where she was born. rick santorum lands in new hampshire later today pumped up by his almost win in iowa, a mere eight votes. eight votes behind mitt romney. dan lothian is joining us from manchester, new hampshi
Jan 5, 2012 2:05am PST
him. >> that fight turned into a gunbattle this morning in greenbrae. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. for a marin county man, 90 years old is not too old to fight. >> he opened fire when an intruder broke into his home. the suspect fired back. ama dates is live where the victim and the suspects are. ama 1234*. >> reporter: carolyn and dan, i am told they are both recovering tonight. the suspect had surgery and is recovering now. the suspect is from novato or petaluma and he does have a violent criminal history. he went into the house with a gun, but he likely had no idea what he was walking into of the police worked this crime scene well into the night. it was after a morning burglary lead to a shootout pitting the homeowner against the intruder. >> the suspect kicked in the front door. when he went inside there was one man living at the residence. >> reporter: that 90-year-old man was jay leone. but he was not home alone. sara lives downstairs. >> all of a sudden i heard a boom. >> reporter: she initially thought leone was moving furniture. hea former was
Jan 11, 2012 12:00am PST
in the backseat of that car, their sleeping five-year-old daughter. alan wang picks up the story. >> carolyn, the five-year-old girl is asleep in her bed tonight, but less than a few hours ago she was a missing child. people in this neighborhood say they feel safe here, but maybe not after tonight. five-year-old salma, senior slept through the whole ordeal. her father, adolfo senior just returned from her appointment at 6:30. he parked the car in front of their home and helped to bring their three-year-old son in the house while his wife ran in to use the restroom leaving salma asleep in the carseat. >> my wife finished what she was doing and coming out to get my daughter, and the car was gone in less than two minutes. >> i ran frantically down the street. my first inclination is maybe the car rolled down the street. >> he says they called 9-1-1 and the police were there in less than four minutes and quickly combed the neighborhood. adolfo says he and his wife were frantic. >> she was crying and running around. she was crying and the neighbors came out. everybody was helpful. it was like the
Jan 15, 2012 5:00am PST
you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. breaking news in san francisco's richmond district where firefighters have been battling a house fire since 2:30 this morning. when they first arrived at 42nd avenue on balance bowa street firefighters reported seeing flames shooting out of a second story window. there is no word yet on any injuries as fire crews are still busy trying to get this under control. you can see just how fast this fire is burning. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> this morning 49'ers fans are waking up celebrating. the team is now just one win away from going back to the super bowl for the first time in 17 years. the 49'ers advance to next sunday's nfc championship game, defeating the new orleans saints in a thriller yesterday. after jumping out to a 17-0 lead, the 49'ers found themselves trailing 32-29, saints, with just a minute thirty-seven left in the game but the niners were not done. with just nine seconds left, alex smith hits vernon davis for a 14-yard touchdown to give the 49'ers one of th
Jan 10, 2012 9:00pm PST
, polluting the bay. more tonight from carolyn tyler. >> conveyor belt was idol this afternoon at metal management in redwood city. epa says the belt is used to move thousands of pound of shredded metal from cars to ship bound for asian 8. that belt was function oning in such a way that metal and p cb and mercury, copper, lead and p cb were ending up going directly into the san francisco bay which is a violation of the clean water act. >>reporter: the regional administrator says the p cb levels were up to continue,000 times over what was expected and the mercury 100 times. danger to fish, wild life and human. >> obviously fishermen and this is a worry for them. >>reporter: epa has taken photo of the largest metal electronic recycler in the world. and inspectors sent to the facility found evidence of pollution at both the shipping and rail car receiving areas. >> my immediate reaction to what i saw at the water edge was somewhat alarming. >>reporter: epa says the violations may have been going on as far back as 1992. agency is now demanding similar put prevention plan in place and
Jan 5, 2012 4:00am PST
and young adults. >> what are you studying? >> i'm a math major. >> reporter: when carolyn hale counsels young people at vanderbilt cancer hospital with cancer, she speaks from experience. ten years ago at age 13, hale complained of back pain. doctors said it was from her backpack but she had nonhodgkin's lymphoma on her spine. >> they hit you with so much poisonous drugs and chemotherapy you can't help but feel lifeless. >> reporter: she is part of an unknown group on the war on cancer. adolescents and young aat all times account for 72,000 new cancers every year. seven times more pediatric cancers and unlike other groups their mortality rates have not improved. >> our peers are suffering because there has not been medical advances that have trickled down to our age group. >> reporter: after surviving brain cancer at age 21, matthew zachary founded an organization called stupid cancer. >> young people don't cancer that is usually screened. they get hodgkin's, sarcoma and and not likely easily detectable. they go to the doctor and say screen me for hodgkin's. >> reporter: survivorship at
Jan 1, 2012 5:00am PST
in for carolyn tyler. san francisco police say they are still investigating a case of a stolen monkey that was returned to the zoo yesterday. here's a picture of banana sam safe in his keeper's arms. the 17-year-old squirrel monkey was taken by the zoo thursday night. zoo officials say someone cut through the gate, climbed through the roof of the primate exhibit building and broke into the squirrel monkey habitat. a man called police yesterday and said he found the monkey in stern grove two miles from the zoo. he said he coaxed the monkey into his backpack. he said banana sam seems okay but they doubt that recovery story. >> he looks pretty good. thirsty, hungry, trembling a little bit but we did an exam and he did pretty good. knowledge. >> is it easy to coax a monkey into a backpack? >> i would say not. a monkey would be place into a backpack forcefully. >> the investigation remains open. so far the man hasn't tried to claim the $5,000 reward. he won't be on business play for a while. keepers want to make sure he's okay and repair the damage to his habitat. >>> there is throwing con
Jan 30, 2012 9:00pm PST
with traffic stop nearly 2 miles away. carolyn explains what happened. >> my friend. >>reporter: roberts lost his best friend of more than 20 years today. in a strange and tragic set of circumstances this traffic mess is the end result. roberts says he was behind the wheel early this morning. his friend armed james and 2 other passengers were along for the ride. when he was stopped by annual immediate police officer. >> he said he wasn't we was going past the speedlimit. >>reporter: roberts car was impounded. alameda police say that's because had he a suspended license. it was just before 5 in the morning and this residential neighborhood. 4 people without a car. >> they were given the option of having the police officer call them a cab at their expense of course to go to their destination. they declined the offer. and then the individuals were no longer being detaped by the police department so she were on their way. >> we live far but we had to get to where we need to go so we had to walk. >>reporter: they ended up nearly 2 miles away walking along the edge of doolittle drive. re
Jan 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
't happen. carolyn? >> more about that allegation in just a moment. but in terms of the stay away order mirkarimi's lawyer told me they knew waits a long shot but ross mirkarimi says he's incred bri disappointed with this decision, the judge has kept that restraining order in place but she told his lawyer she should petition the family court rather than criminal court. >> ross mirkarimi has not seen his 2-year-old son in nearly two weeks. he came to try to change that, bitterly disappointed when the judge said no. >> krurning the fact i haven't been tibl see my family, be with my wife or son. this is cruel. >> his newborn asked for supervised visits. his wife appeared again, today at the last hearing she, too, pleaded with a judge to allow her husband back home. a handful of the supporters gathered outside and this is including a former public defender. >> never did i have an order issued where the accused could not go home, especially when a victim or alleged victim is saying i want the forn come home. >> but the prosecutor says she's she has dum taigs of child neglect, producing an oc
Jan 10, 2012 7:00am EST
identified as mother and daughter, carolyn and stacy himelheber. >>> a local family continues to demand justice in the shooting of their son. the family protested last night. gamble was shot and killed by a police officer. that officer was then mistakenly shot and killed by fellow officers during the incident. gamble's family said they have no clear idea how and why their son was killed. >>> up next, the parents of the florida a&m band member who died after a hazing ebbs depth share who -- incident share who they think is the blame. >>> and a counter terrorism program is training >>> in new zealand a 3-year-old girl comes face to face with the king of beasts and she doesn't even blink, even when the lion gets a little feisty. it looks scary to us but the zoo officials say she was never in danger. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> i don't know if i would with that brave. >>> a new twist in the a&m hazing this morning. the parents of the victim beating in november now tell us something you never knew about him. mark strassmann is live with more. >> reporter: good morning
Jan 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
a nice sunny, mild day tomorrow. carolyn? larry? >> thank you. >> and well... frost is the problem in the central valley. freezing temperatures there have taken their toll on california citrus industry and growers say a fifth of the crop has been lost because of the cold. 10% of the naval or yanks were damaged. so far none of the ill affects of the freeze have shown up yet. >> and there is no dry cells and oranges are great. supply is all we want. and price is not changed. and they're likely to climb because growers say they set up wind machines to protect trees from frost you probably remember the flop "snakes on a plane" how about kitty in a cabin? that is what played out on a flight yesterday, delayed four hours after a 10-year-old tabby escaped under his owner's seat. she says airport security neglected to properly close the crate. >> some people tried to catch um in first class, then he took off into cockpit and nestled down. >> ground control was called in to remove electric panels in the cockpit so they can free the animal. debbie says this was ripple's first trip and his la
Dec 31, 2011 7:00pm EST
was published "disrupting the balance of power." carolyn barta is the author. she is joining us from her home in texas. you knew ross perot as a journalist before many people met hi. can you tell us about his roots in texarkana and what shaped the man we knew of a national stage? >> perot was from texarkana. he had an average texas childhood. as a boy he broke horses and traded horses. he was an eagle scout. even in later tonight i think he kept all of the traits of the eagle scout. he would set of objectives and goals and try to pursue those goals. he was very much in the texas tradition of the day. as he grew and went to the naval academy and started his own businesses, he was representing the can-do spirit of texas. his vision was a big, the state was big, there were powerless opportunities. the sky was the limit. he really sort of played into what was the texas mythology with texas politicians who were larger than life, very successful businessman who made a fortune here. they were risk takers, they were not afraid to fail. that was the sort of spirit he had at that i think got him into t
Jan 5, 2012 6:00am PST
night when a couple of iowa republican officials named carolyn and edith saved the day. >> i added them up a couple times. oh, man. >> reporter: they explained a glitch that cleared up the mystery of some missing returns that put mitt romney over the top. >> these are the final numbers. >> what do you mean the numbers don't match? >> i'll explain it. >> reporter: by 3:30 in the morning caucus coverage was temporarily renamed cnn after dark. news music. it was replaced by barry white. bill anderson wasn't loving this gizmo. >> media. >> again with the social media screen. my lord. this is the third hit. i still don't understand what the hell this thing shows. >> reporter: anderson had his weebles in a knott. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >>> as you just saw, caucus nietd in iowa would not have been the same without caroline and edith, they are the republican official alzheimer's that went that extra mile to relay critical voting information to the state's republican party. they knew they had the vote tally for a missing precinct. edith was asleep but that didn't stop caroline. >> i took of
Jan 2, 2012 2:05am EST
. carolyn is 4. jj you might see him on the pga tour in 20 years. telling you. >> that good. >> the kid sleeps with his golf club. destroyed our plasma tv. >> took a swing at it. >> that will cost more than $475. >> that's all right though. we know the direction that he's going to be going in. caroline loves to sing, off key. >> rich golf pro. off the shift earlier than you thing. >> not for another 20 years. >> you're the best for hanging around. >> won't be going away too soon. >> good to know. coming up in your first ever "the skinny," everybody's favorite part of the show. a proposal and a new year for lebron james. >> how dennis rodman is bouncing back into basketball, you got to hear this next in "the skinny." ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> you will soon hear that song in your sleep. but this is a big moment for you. your first "the skinny." >> my virgin "the skinny." >> the first time is always the most special. >> it is. >> as you found this first story. very wild story. >> if you were a woman and luck to go topless and were 5'10", this would be for you. dennis rodman, get this, th
Jan 4, 2012 7:00am PST
this photo. should we maybe check our spelling, at least? we have a photo from carolyn scruggs of atlanta, georgia. which one of these would you choose? >> wow. >> it's a real law firm. >> slappey & sad. >> real law firm in georgia. seriously, if you looked at that, would you -- >> we have a camera man named slappy. >> yes, we do. >> hey! >> i think i'd go for sad at that point. >> slappy, lean in. slappy. okay. thank you. >> everybody needs a slappy or two. >> depends on the day. laura from brooklyn, new york, sent us this photo. i could probably recommend a few people that need this. seriously. hello. >> that, i love. >> denise from lakewood, ohio, submitted this photo. come on. he's just doing his job. i think he got the last word there. >> i bet you he did. >> that's kind of rough. >> that's how you quit. >> how is that working out for you? >> don't forget, send your photos into "what the what?" we want to see them. >>> our "who knew?" trivia game helps you sharpen the mind and cut the calories. >> and how to lose 14 pounds without even exercising. >> is that true? >> that's what they
Jan 20, 2012 9:00am EST
with carolyn goodman, the mayor of las vegas. this lady is a rock star. she got elected last july. she and her husband switched states. she has charisma. she started a private school before she ended up becoming mayor. her school was one of the only schools in las vegas to went -- that went on to have a 100% graduation rate with kids going to college. one of the things that mayors can do is a line there city services. number one it is alignment. all of us as mayors have to align our city services with the school districts. it does not cost money. it is about efficiency and building partnerships. all of us can do this. tell us the programs you have initiated in terms of student outcome and alignment. >> i am delighted to be here and part of this group. this is an excellent pamphlet that has been given to all of you. 12 years of being here and accompanying my husband, every day of his life he would assure his population he was the happiest mayor in the universe. everybody thought it was because he was lucky to be a mayor. the reason was true because every morning i would get out of bed before hi
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)